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Internet of Things (IOT) EXP BOOK

IOT EXP BOOK is a shortform from Experience by Experiment. We believe that experience is the best learning process for human being. IOT EXP BOOK is your first step in Internet of Things.
And learning tools for those who want to learn IOT from zero to hero. 

Complete Module

We provide complete module to learn hardware like sensors until to build your own IoT dashboard(software). And we provide industry study case for you to explore more what kind of IoT application happening in Industry.

Easy and Simple to Use

Complete guideline and flexible kit for you to learn and explore what is Internet of things(IoT).


Self Learning Education Kit

We implement 21st century pedagogy in our module to make sure the learning process is more easy for you. Because every single person have their own way to learn.

New Experience

You will unlock a new experience and knowledge about Internet of Things.

Key Management

We have a same vision and mission in EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY.

Mahadhir Yunus


Fadillah Iskandar


Dr. Syahril


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